The Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Child

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

There are many benefits to reading aloud to children of any age. Here are 5 of them:

1. When children are read to, they are more motivated to read on their own.

Children learn that reading can take them to faraway lands, introduce them to people who are alike and different from them, and teach them interesting facts about frogs. If you read to your children they will be much more likely to develop a lifelong habit of reading.

2. Reading aloud to children helps their language development. As children listen to you read, they assimilate language skills. They pick up correct word pronunciation, word usage, and proper grammar. Their vocabulary increases, and they internalize correct sentence structure. All these skills transfer to their speaking and writing.

3. Reading to young children extends their attention spans.

A longer attention span will help a child perform better both in school and in real-life.

4. Reading aloud helps build a child’s comprehension.

As you read aloud, you can help a child better understand the book’s setting and characters—details that might be missed if a child reads a book on his own. Reading aloud gives you the opportunity to emphasize important character traits as you read, such as compassion, kindness, perseverance, and honesty, and prompts meaningful discussions.

5. When we read aloud to kids, we help grow their worlds. As you read to your children, they visualize what is happening in their minds. Children can picture events and situations that are outside of their own personal experiences, which allows them to use their own imaginations to create stories.

"When I say to a parent, "read to a child", I don't want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate. " — Mem Fox

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